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Moving checklist 1: Few Months before moving

- Plan budget for moving expenses - check which moving expenses are tax deductible
- Start researching your new community - the internet is perfect to find all the information you need about your new home
- Inform your landlord about your moving and cancel the contract
- Check your household - maybe you do not want to move everything - find some storage place or try to sell items which you do not need anymore
- Check your insurance - is the move covered?
- Start looking for a moving company and make arrangements - use OneEntry to receive several quotations for your move
- Make travel arrangements - book flights or hotel if necessary
- Update your address book and make a list of people you need to notify
- Start to purchase or collect packing supplies
- Inventory all your belongings before packing them, take serial numbers of electronic equipment
- Begin to collect your medical records - find new medical care in the new city
- Fill out 'change address form' at your post office
- Inform your utilities suppliers about your move and take all steps to end or switch to other suppliers


Moving checklist 2: One To Two Weeks Before Moving

- Switch utility services to new address. Inform electric, disposal, water, newspaper, magazine subscription, telephone and cable companies of your move.
- Confirm travel reservations.
- Take care of your bank accounts
- Start packing items you do not us often
- Label each box and make an inventory
- Empty all cupboards and clean them
- Return borrowed items from friends - do not forget the library books
- Make sure the apartment or house is in a good condition when you leave it
- Defrost freezer and refrigerator


Moving checklist 3: Moving day

- Double check closets, drawers, shelves, attic and garage to be sure they are empty
- You should have received a copy of your Bill of Lading, or BOL, when you received your trailer. Look this document over carefully and contact your moving coordinator with any questions or concerns
- Make sure the destination address and contact information on your BOL is correct

Moving checklist 4: After the Move

- You are likely to arrive at your new home ahead of your shipment. Take this time to look things over and to ensure your new utilities have been connected
- Check appliances and systems to ensure all are working properly, and arrange for repairs if necessary
- Locate the hospitals, police stations, veterinarian and fire stations near your home
- Open a new bank account
- Introduce yourself to your new neighbors



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